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PnSimpleSearch Version 1 Released

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Posted by elliot on Nov 05, 2003 - 09:30 PM

Craig R. Saunders responded to my post at for a simple directory text search plug-in to Postnuke.  After a few emails back and forth, I'm proud to announce that we now offer under Postnuke Downloads at this site (Alpha Version 1).

PnSimpleSearch! Version 1.  Written by Craig R. Saunders and Elliot Zimmerman, 11.5.3.  For Postnuke o­nly!  Tested o­n Postnuke 714 - 726.

What is PnSimpleSearch?

PnSimpleSearch provides the Postnuke search engine with the ability to search a directory of files for a search criteria entered by the user in the Postnuke search box.  The results are a dynamic list of hyperlinks to the files containing the search term.  This list appears at the bottom of the PnSearch result screen under "PnSimpleSearch."  If the search box is left empty, PnSimpleSearch returns a dynamic list of hyperlinks to all files in the directory!

To install, make the following changes to this file (text.php) and place in your Postnuke includes/search directory:
Change line 92 of this text.php file to reflect the server path to your document directory and which files to search (i.e. *.htm).

Change line 106 of this text.php file to reflect the URL to your document directory.
Add the following to your /language/eng/global.php file at the very end:

define('_SEARCH_TEXTFILES','Search Documents: Search is case sensitive & for a single term o­nly! If no search term is entered, all documents are listed.');

define('_SEARCH_TEXTFILES','Documents: The following documents matched your search.');

define('_SEARCH_NO_TEXTFILES', 'Documents: No documents matched your search.');
That's it!

Known shortcomings:
1) The search is case sensitive.
2) The search does not handle multiple search criteria.
3) The search displays all results o­n the first page.

The file is available at [1] under Postnuke Downloads.  It is called  You can try it by selecting "Search" at [2].  Leave the search box empty and all files will be displayed.

This version's search results "pop-up" in a new window when selected.

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