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Topic: CyberLaw
The new items published under this topic are as follows.

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Agence France Presse Sues Google for Copyright Infringement
By Elliot Zimmerman on Sunday, March 20, 2005 - 11:52 PM
Agence France Presse filed suit against Google in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia on Thursday, March 17, 2005, alleging that Google includes its photos, news headlines and stories at without permission.

Read the story at by cliccking here.

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Programmer Contends Motorola Violates GPL
By Elliot Zimmerman on Thursday, March 17, 2005 - 09:31 AM
This week an open-source programmer, Harald Welte, told Motorola and 12 other companies at the CeBit trade show in Hannover, Germany, that he believes they're using Linux in violation of the general public license that governs the software. Read the CNET article here.

Welte has gone to bat for this issue before and stated he's settled more than 25 cases so far. Additionally, he's won two rounds in a court case against one company, Sitecom, in Munich, Germany. Read about this case at CNET here.

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Spector Spyware Violates State and Federal Wiretap Laws
By Elliot Zimmerman on Monday, February 28, 2005 - 05:46 AM

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First Federal Convictions for P2P File Sharing
By Elliot Zimmerman on Wednesday, January 19, 2005 - 09:44 PM
Two men plead guilty to violating copyrights on peer-to-peer networks, marking the first federal criminal convictions for file sharing. According to the Justice Department, William R. Trowbridge, 50, of Johnson City, N.Y., and Michael Chicoine, 47, of San Antonio, each operated an online hub that let people exchange video games, computer programs,digital music and movie files. Both were members of the Underground Network which used Direct Connect software to copy files. The Justice Department stated that the men pleaded guilty because they operated the hubs to obtain valuable infringing works from others. Each faces up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

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Court Orders More Requirements for P2P Subpoenas
By Elliot Zimmerman on Friday, January 07, 2005 - 05:52 AM
The Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals issued a decision today that will stop entertainment corporations from gaining access to the names of people using peer-to-peer (P2P) networks unless the companies file lawsuits against them and furnish actual evidence of copyright infringement.

Read the decision here.

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By Elliot Zimmerman on Thursday, December 30, 2004 - 05:10 AM
Jathan Desir, 26, of Iowa City, pled guilty on 12/22/04 to copyright infringement and conspiracy charges stemming from his part in "Warez," which is a web ring that distributes pirated software, games, music and movies over the internet. Desir faces up to 15 years in prison and will be sentenced in March, 2005.

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U.S. Supreme Court to Hear MGM v. Grokster Appeal
By Elliot Zimmerman on Sunday, December 12, 2004 - 11:31 PM
On December 10, 2004, the U.S. Supreme Court decided it will hear MGM's appeal in MGM Studios v. Grokster, No. 04-480. Oral argument is set for March, and a decision is expected by July.

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Liability for CyberLibel?
By Elliot Zimmerman on Tuesday, November 30, 2004 - 07:28 AM
In Barrett v. Rosenthal, California Supreme Court [No. S122953], the Supreme Court of California is presently reviewing a decision by the California Court of Appeal, First District, Div. Two [No. A096451], which held Illena Rosenthal, a woman's health advocate, liable for posting a controversial opinion piece on a Usenet news group. The piece was written not by Rosenthal, but by Tim Bolen, a critic of plaintiff Terry Polevoy.

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Movie Studios Can't Sue File Sharers Collectively
By Elliot Zimmerman on Wednesday, November 24, 2004 - 07:37 AM
Judge William Alsup, in Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation et al. v. Does 1-12, Case No. C 04-04862 WHA in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, ruled on November 16, 2004 that plaintiffs, several movie studios, couldn't sue several alleged "John Doe" defendant file sharers collectively in one suit. Instead, they must sue each defendant individually.

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International Trademark Protection
By Elliot Zimmerman on Thursday, November 18, 2004 - 05:45 AM
The U.S. has been a party to the Madrid System, which allows international registration of marks with a single application in the U.S. PTO, since November 2, 2003. The Madrid System is governed by the Madrid Protocol (1891) and WIPO.

As a prerequisite to obtaining an international registration in the U.S. PTO under the Madrid System, the mark must be pending or registered in the U.S. PTO. Subsequently, international registration can be made, prosecuted and approved in the U.S. PTO. Once the mark is internationally registered, additional countries can be added as they become parties to the Madrid System, or the owner of the mark starts using the mark in new countries which are already members. The international registration lasts for 10 years, and can be renewed for additional 10 year periods by paying a single fee to the U.S. PTO.

Note: Mexico and Canada are not members of The Madrid System.

Click "Read more" below to see the list of current members.

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