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Topic: CyberLaw
The new items published under this topic are as follows.

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Streamcast and Grokster Brief Filed in Supreme Court
By Elliot Zimmerman on Tuesday, November 16, 2004 - 04:09 AM
Streamcast and Grokster filed a joint brief urging the Supreme Court to let the 9th Circuit's decision stand. Read the brief here.

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2 Found Guilty of 3 Felony Spam Counts in VA
By Elliot Zimmerman on Thursday, November 04, 2004 - 10:20 PM
Jeremy Jaynes, 30, and his sister Jessica DeGroot, 28, both of the Raleigh, North Carolina, area were both found guilty of three felony charges each for using phony Internet addresses to send large volumes of e-mail ads through an AOL server in Loudoun, Virginia. The jury recommended 9 years in prison for Jaynes, and $7500 in fines for DeGroot for violating Virginia's anti-spam laws. Read the article at The Washington Post (registration required).

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MPAA to Sue P2P Movie File Sharers
By Elliot Zimmerman on Thursday, November 04, 2004 - 09:53 PM
The Motion Picture Industry of America is getting to ready to launch a series of copyright infringement suits against illegal P2P movie file sharers. Videotaped copies of films in theaters often are digitized or burned off DVDs and then distributed on file-sharing networks accessed with software programs like eDonkey, Kazaa and Grokster. Read the article at U.S.A. Today.

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Court Requires ISPs to Notice P2P Suspects of Subpoena
By Elliot Zimmerman on Thursday, October 28, 2004 - 12:32 PM
A district court in eastern Pennsylvania has issued an order forcing ISPs to first send their customers detailed notices about the subpoenas, including information about how the accused suspects can contest the subpoenas.

Read the Order here.

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Supreme Court Refuses To Hear Verizon Appeal
By Elliot Zimmerman on Wednesday, October 13, 2004 - 06:21 AM
In December, 2003, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia overturned an earlier lower-court ruling allowing the RIAA et al. to use a provision in the controversial Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 to subpoena the names of suspected P2P file sharers from Verizon, an ISP. Read that decision here.

On Tuesday, October 12, 2004, the Supreme Court refused to hear the appeal, letting the appellate decsision stand.

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Alleged Spyware Scammers Sued By FTC
By Elliot Zimmerman on Sunday, October 10, 2004 - 06:40 AM
In the first case filed against alleged spyware scammers, the FTC charged Seismic Entertainment Productions, Smartbot.Net, and Sanford Wallace with secretly installing spyware on computers causing unstoppable myriads of pop-up ads to be displayed, then sending messages advising "Spy Wiper" or "Spy Deleter" had to be bought for $30 to stop the infection.

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BNetD Servers Infringe Blizzard's Copyrights
By Elliot Zimmerman on Saturday, October 02, 2004 - 03:26 PM
Blizzard, creator and seller of such popular computer games as "StarCraft," "StarCraft: Brood War," "WarCraft II: edition," "Diablo," and "Diablo II: Lord of Destruction," sued two individual defendants who are computer programmers, and a systems administrator, for releasing BNetD servers, which allow Blizzard's games to be played in multiplayer mode over the internet. Blizzard contended, inter alia, that defendants, who admitted reverse engineering Blizzard's software, infringed Blizzard's copyrights in their own software and server,, circumvented Blizzard's copyright protection technology, engaged in trafficking circumvention technology, and breached Blizzard's EULAs and TOU.

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RIAA Files Another 762 P2P File Sharing Lawsuits
By Elliot Zimmerman on Saturday, October 02, 2004 - 05:40 AM
The Recording Industry Association of America ("RIAA") has filed yet another 762 P2P file sharing law suits, bringing the total to approximately 5400 suits to date! The usual settlement price to buy out is $5000.00.

Read the article here.

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RIAA Files 744 More P2P File Sharing Lawsuits
By Elliot Zimmerman on Friday, August 27, 2004 - 12:23 AM
8.26.04. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has filed an additional 744 P2P file sharing lawsuits over the last several days.

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Justice Department Raids P2P File Sharers
By Elliot Zimmerman on Thursday, August 26, 2004 - 05:26 AM
FBI agents raided residences throughout the USA yesterday which were hubs for the "Underground Network." About 7,000 users connected to the network via file-sharing software known as "Direct Connect." According to law enforcement officials, not only were music files shared, but, also movies not yet released theaters, DVD or video.

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